Site Selection

Considering opening a new convenience store? We offer a Hands-on assistance to help find you the best possible location with regulations and compliance requirements that govern branding and store expansion. This industry has countless laws, regulations and compliance requirements that govern branding and store expansion. As an operator, you will need to manage licenses, permits, applications, compliance issues and special registrations. This is why the experience our business consultants has in this industry is very important. We can help you understand the business potential of each possible location and help you find ways to reach that potential after your store opens.

DFW Oil & Energy has a relationship and contracts with all of the major oil brands and we can help you choose which of our fuel brands would be the most effective in your area. We are unbiased about fuel brands, which is why we offer so many. Before you decide where you want your fueling station, DFW Oil & Energy can help you assess the ideal location. We analyze the area, population, and traffic routes as part of the equation that is fundamental to the success of your business. We will help you seek the best possible deal from the oil company for the brand you choose. We have extensive insight on all new key developments in the state of Texas. We can also assist with the compliance process including mandatory paperwork such as licenses, permits, applications and local fire department registration requirements.

When you are looking at locations, one of our DFW Oil & Energy business consultants will go with you to view prospective locations for your store. Then we can help you estimate the cost of getting the site up and running as well as helping you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each potential location.

Let the benefit of our experience free up your time for other important matters.